Saturday, October 19, 2013

Wedding Card Box

This is my first wedding card box.  One of my former students approached me about doing it.  I'd never done one before so I Googled it and got some inspiration from one of the posts.  I would love to link you to it, but I didn't save it (just a picture that I will share at the end when I figure out which computer I saved it on). I'll try to get pictures of it set up at the wedding with the d├ęcor and everything.

I used my Eclips to cut out a free font I downloaded from the Internet.  The swirls, I believe, came from

Not bad for a first attempt.  The boxes came from Hobby Lobby and were very hard to cut with my hobby knife.  My husband is buying me one of those little handheld rotary saws.  There is a sanding attachment, too, so I can whip through my wood projects easily as well.  :)

I'm linking this to D. L. Art's Linky Party.  Visit to check out some great projects that link to some really great craft blogs.  :)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pearls? Nuh uh!

 Some of you probably already know about this trick, but the rest of you should probably sit down.  This is mind-blowing!  :)
See these pearls in this picture?  Well, those aren't pearls.  They are hot glue dots covered in PearlEx Powered Pigments.  Yes, I said hot glue dots.  Watch this video for the details.  I don't have a fine tip on my glue gun like she does, but I think I will get a glue gun that has a tip like that.  I had a lot of trouble controlling the "glue webs" and you can see the irregularity of the 'pearl' on the right.
Whoever discovered this for the first time, THANK YOU!  :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friendship Card

I have been away too long.  I have missed coming here and sharing my fun projects.  I have a lot of them still to share, but I just haven't made the time to sit down and get them posted.  Tomorrow is my monthly crafty day so I'll work on getting my projects organized and getting some pictures taken to share.  In the meantime, I found this recently in my blog photo collection.  Honestly, I don't remember all of the details.  I know the punches came from Stampin' Up! as well as the paper.  The ribbon, I think, is from Michael's.
I cut the card base as a normal A2 card and then trimmed about half an inch off make room for the scallop border.

Update:  Guess what I stumbled upon in my craftroom first off today?  You're so good!  You're right!  It was this paper.  It is from Stampin' Up!, and it's called Springtime Vintage.  All Stampin' Up! Papers are two-sided and this is the front and back of one sheet.  The stamp is from a Stampin' Up! set called Wings of Friendship.