Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gift Holder Wallet

My oldest son requested cash for Christmas this year.  Well, that kind of sucks the fun out of things for me, but he's in college and needs $$$ so what's a mom to do?  The least I could do was make opening the cash gift a little more fun.  Here's what I found on YouTube by Chris Greten.  The website on the video is no longer working, but here is the link to the video.  All of the measurements for cuts and scores are on the video.

Mine has little specks of red glitter on it, because I didn't do too good of a job cleaning up after making glitter balls for the candy cane wreath in my previous post.

Here is my version.  By the way, my son loved it.  He was actually pretty fascinated by it and since he's 23 years old I would call that an EPIC WIN!  :) 

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