Monday, December 31, 2012

Why I Love my Gypsy!

I want to start off by saying that I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's Eve.  I'm looking forward to lots of fun crafting this upcoming year!  I appreciate everyone who has come to visit my blog and an extra thank you to everyone who has left comments.  It's like Christmas morning everytime I get an email notification that someone has left a comment!

I'm linking this project on the Use it Tuesday blog.  To be able to link to that blog, you have to use something that has been sitting around for some time and you're just getting to using it.  I think they mean actual physical craft supplies, but I'm going to cheat a little.  My Gypsy has been sorely neglected since I got my Eclips last year so I decided to dust her off (I call her Esmerelda, by the way.  I name all of my electronic devices.  Weird, I know.......what can I say?) and design something for my daughter.  You don't have to have a Gypsy for this project.  You can do this is in the Cricut Craftroom as well.  You just have to uplink your cartridges, which I'm not willing to do just yet.  I will over summer break when I have more time.  In the meantime, I use the Craftroom to design where it's nice and big, then I note the sizes for everything and quickly re-do the design in my Gypsy.  It doesn't take long at all when you know exactly what cut in what size from which cartridge.

Actually, the vinyl has been sitting in my craft room for almost a year now.  The white sheet was on top and did have to literally be dusted off in order for me to cut it so I guess technically this isn't a "cheat" link.  ;)  Whew!  I feel much better about it now.  LOL!

Anyway, the latest challenge is an "anything goes" challenge so go and link up anything you've done that involved using any supplies that have been around awhile.  You just have to be thinking about your crafting goals for 2013.  One of my goals is decorate my life with my craft supplies.  I already do a lot of crafts to give away, but once they're gone, I have nothing but supplies left for more projects.  I want to have some of the end results around me to enjoy as well.  :)

Here is my project.  I made a decal with white glossy vinyl for the back window of my daughter's car.  I used the Old West cartridge for this project. 

 The reason I had to use Esmerelda on this project is because the original file comes with flowers instead of the horse and horseshoes.

Here is what the cartridge handbook looks like in case you're looking for it. I can't wait to do something with the rope and wood-board letters!  :)

The running horse is found on the "A" page.  I didn't use the layer pieces-just cut the horse.

The horseshoe came from the "H" page.

I just deleted the flowers from the "Country Girl" image and added the horse and two of the horseshoes (welded together) in their place.  Voilà!  Happy girl!

Not one to waste leftovers........we took this framed mirror we had found at the flea market many years ago (I think it was a vanity tray that had a wall hanger added to it at some point.) and put the left over letters/icons on it.  It is now hanging in the country girl's bedroom.  I love two-in-one projects!


  1. very resourceful. Love that you name your electornics. For us it's the cars

    Thanks for playing with us at use it tuesday.

  2. Using tools definitely counts over at UIT! I know we all have tools that sit around and never get used - and we are glad our challenges pushed you to use your gypsy! I like the things you made for your daughter - I hope you continue the trend and use your stash to make things for your house!

  3. Great idea! Thanks for joining us at Use it Tuesday! :)